Thursday, September 19, 2013

New EBAY listing

Hi everyone!  Things are getting back to normal after the big show!  I am working on some special orders that I took while there, and am already starting to plan new dolls.  I have listed a great doll, her trunk and accessories on EBay.  She's an Izannah Walker type, 20" doll with two extra outfits, a little "pocket", an antique child's book and a vintage trunk to store her treasures.   To see her on EBay, you can type in "Izannah Walker dolls" in the search window and it will come up.  Her name is Isabelle, and I hope she can go to a new home soon. 

1 comment:

  1. Isabelle is so very charming. Her clothing is superb. I can't even imagine the hours it must have taken you to create the doll and the very detailed, period, clothing. I still haven't finished two I.Z. dolls I began two years ago. Your home must be amazing!
    I am on 'the trodden path' and also am in the Cloth and Clay workshop group (which I was at the inception in 2008 and have stayed on with the transfer of the group). You are definitely an inspiration to continue to finish my dolls which I was in the Izannah Walker Workshop with Dixie Redmond. I know you have been in some of the same doll ning sites I have been in too.
    Teresa in California