Thursday, January 16, 2014

Mary Todd Lincoln

Well, here in Mississippi we have finally thawed out after experiencing a frigid blast of arctic air like almost everyone else!  It only happens here about once every 50 years, though.  All the pipes in our house froze, but luckily none of them burst.  I was here by myself during all this, as my husband was basking in 80 degree weather in Miami while visiting his children!
Anyhow, thank goodness it is over. 
   Here is my latest doll (still in progress).  Mary Todd Lincoln was a real challenge, having been the first doll I have attempted to actually resemble a famous person. I have dress on her right now that I'm not sure will stay; might try something else.  She's 23" tall, with cloth body and paper clay sculpted head, shoulders, arms and hands.  Once again, I am concentrating on the Civil War era and probably will until 2015 to honor the sesquicentennial of the war. There are certainly enough fascinating women of that era to inspire a hundred dolls! 

   I also want you all to know how thrilled I am to have a wonderful article written about me in the new "Doll News" magazine. This is the publication of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.  It will be sent out to members within the next week or so.  I want to especially thank Ann Leiss for writing the article and being so supportive!