Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nell and Emmeline

We are just drying out finally after Tropical Storm Isaac paid us a little visit last Wednesday night and Thursday!  We had about 8" of rain and tropical storm force winds, but luckily, we only had a bunch of limbs down, nothing worse.  We live in an antebellum home built in 1835, and there are many very old huge trees up here on our property. Of course I was so worried that some of them would come down.  After having lived through Hurricane Andrew in Homestead, Florida in 1992, I must admit I am still terrified of the wind.  We were in the house when that hit, and I can tell you, it was the most terrifying experience of my life. My husband was a detective on the MiamiDade Police Department, and of course they have to report for duty in emergencies like that. Luckily, he pulled the first 12 hour shift, so he was  coming home about 1AM just as the storm was starting to intensify. We huddled in an inner stairwell with our two Rottweilers, a poodle and a cat and those were the longest hours of my life. Our home was left standing, but with a lot of damage.  Anyhow, my heart goes out to those in Louisiana who faced such terrible flooding and loss of their homes. At least the levy in New Orleans held this time. 
    On a lighter note, here are my two latest creations. They have both gone to wonderful new homes in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Izannah Walker type dolls are some of my favorites to make.  These two little pretties have paperclay sculpted heads, and are oil-painted and antiqued. Their dresses are made in the popular off the shoulder style of the 1850's-60's.  I made each of them a little cloth kitty as a companion for their journey. 

   I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend.  Hard to believe summer is nearly over.  Where does the time go???