Saturday, February 8, 2014

"Miss Lizzie Scott" and her doll

My latest doll is "Miss Lizzie Scott" . She is 20" tall with cloth body and paper clay sculpted head.  Her little Greiner type antique doll is 12" tall, with paper clay molded head and hair.  Both are oil painted.  Lizzie's outfit is typical of the 1860's and consists of a fine batiste blouse,  and a checked silk  taffeta skirt and jacket trimmed in black silk and pom pom trim.  Her doll is still in her undergarments; her outfit is forthcoming!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Ordering a OOAK doll

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all keeping warm and coping with this terrible winter weather. This has been the worst winter I can remember in 10 years of living in Mississippi. I almost thought I had been transported back to my roots in northwestern Ohio there for a while! 
   Anyhow, I thought I should let people know that they can order dolls directly from me.  Even though I do The National Doll Festival Show every year, (this year it is in San Antonio in July) and will try to do other shows as well, I know everyone cannot attend these. I am on the waiting list for the wonderful Quinlan art doll show in Philadelphia for May 1-3, and am very excited about that. I put a doll on EBay once in awhile, but it occurred to me, after talking to ladies at my shows, that they might want something very specific.  Each state has historical women of interest from the Civil War era, or another time during the 18th or 19th century.    If there is someone in particular that you think would make a great doll, let me know.  I can commission a doll for a 50% deposit, and will accept several payments for the balance.  Most of my dolls are 20-24",  and will start at about $425, and up, depending on complexity of costume, props, etc.  I specialize in girls and women, but have made boy dolls as well.  I am going to start working on some adult men prototypes also, to see how that goes!    Right now I am working on a lady of historical significance in the Philadelphia area during the Civil War.  Or, if you just would like a generic person of a particular historic period, I can do that as well.  My husband makes great furniture and props that can be geared especially towards your doll and her/his  history. 
   You can contact me through the blog, or my email is:   Thanks for all of your interest in my dolls, and those who have emailed me to say how much they enjoyed the wonderful article in Doll News magazine.