Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"Tanzy" is my latest creation, and I must admit, my favorite doll that I have created so far! It still is amazing to me as a doll artisan how the dolls "speak" to me as their personalities start to emerge during their creation. That may sound silly to non-doll lovers/makers, but it is very real. They actually demand what type of outfit they want, the color, etc. I once sculpted a doll very much meant to be a little girl and it just didn't seem right; then I realized it was meant to be a boy! Tanzy is about 26" tall, and is a cloth body with paper clay sculpted facial features. She has been oil painted, dressed in a 19th c. dress and has antique children's boots. I put her on Etsy tonight! Please visit my Etsy site for other dolls for sale:

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